Ecosystem Services That Our Economies Depend On

The World Economic Forum has calculated that a full 50% of the world's GDP is based on ecosystem services, and that the loss of biodiversity is a strong threat to the global economy. Below are some of the major Ecosystem Services that our economy heavily depends on:

Scapelyse Ecosystem Services Table
Category Ecosystem Service Description
Provisioning Services Biomass Includes food (crops, livestock, fish, etc.), materials (wood, fibers, etc.), and energy (biofuels, etc.).
Water Freshwater used for drinking, irrigation, and industrial processes.
Genetic materials Used for crop breeding, pharmaceuticals, and biotechnological applications.
Regulation & Maintenance Services Climate Regulation Ecosystems regulate the global climate by sequestering carbon and reflecting sunlight.
Water Regulation and Purification Wetlands filter pollutants from water, and forests regulate water flow.
Pollination Essential for the production of many crops and linked to food security.
Soil Formation and Fertility Healthy soils are vital for agriculture and forest production.
Disease and Pest Regulation Ecosystems regulate the prevalence of many pests and diseases.
Cultural Services Recreational and Tourism Natural landscapes and biodiversity are major attractions for tourism.
Aesthetic Value Beauty of natural landscapes contributes to human well-being.
Spiritual and Religious Value Many cultures attribute spiritual significance to certain ecosystems.
Cognitive and Educational Ecosystems provide opportunities for scientific research and education.

Ask Yourself

Which Ecosystem Services is Your company Depending On?